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The Jerry Vivino All Star Jazz Band

with Jerry Vivino (horns/vocals) - John Leftwich (bass), Andy Langham (keys), Bernie Dresel (drums), plus some surprise guests!

Friday, December 17, 2021 - 8pm and 10pm

The Baked Potato - 3787 Cahuenga Blvd. - Studio City, CA

$20 inside seating; $10 patio seating ($3.25 processing fee on all tickets.)

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The Jerry Vivino Quartet: Streaming Live

with Jerry Vivino (horns/vocals) - Kevin Axt (bass), Andy Langham (keys), Bernie Dresel (drums)

From the Sunday, November 15, 2020 show

The Baked Potato

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An Oldie but a Goodie...

Here's a video of Jerry playing and singing with the incredible Keely Smith at the MAC Awards in 2005. Smth is a Lifetime Achievement MAC Award winner.

From Jerry: September 16, 2021

Last night at my jazz quartet gig I was pleasantly surprised to see that this guy came out to hear and see me at L.A.’s Baked Potato. Back in 1998 I played saxophone on a few of his albums. Since our last names end in vowels and we are both Jersey boys with a passion for jazz we hit it off. Not only is this man a world class actor, but a world class jazz vocalist. Many of his vocals can be found on YOU-TUBE by GOOGLING JOE DOGGS WITH JOEY DEFRANCESCO. You know him as JOE PESCI. True jazz lovers know him as JOE DOGGS 🎶

Joe Pesci
Joe Pesci

I’ll be back at The Spud in October. I’ll keep you posted on that date ASAP🎶🎷 Who knows who might be there w/ yours truly, Bernie Dresel, Andy Langham and John Leftwich…? Thanks Joe your presence and appreciation for jazz made my night!

Jerry appears on the new Dion CD with an amazing bunch of musicians!

Dion: Blues with Friends (CD)

June 2020

Published: Maximum Volume Music

Jerry Vivino
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Source: Maximum Volume Music

And now that album has been highlighted as a #1 Album by Billboard:


As Mark Pender wrote on Facebook, "We got the band back together!"

Now available!

The Vivino Sisters have recorded an album, "DNA". DONNA, NATALIA and ANTONIA Vivino sing together on this great album of standards, covers and even a few originals. And of course, Pop Jerry produced the album which features a whole slew of great musicians, including members of Jerry's various bands. Uncle Jimmy even makes an appearance as does Mama Laura.

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Jerry's latest CD: "Coast to Coast" on Blu-Jazz Records

Coast to Coast Coast to Coast

Featuring a roster of L.A. and N.Y's finest musicians including:
John Leftwich, Bernie Dresel, Andy Langham, Ron Stout, Bucky Pizzarelli, Martin Pizzarelli, Karl Latham, Ken Levinsky,
Mark Sganga, John Arbo, Mitchel Forman, Kevin Axt, Lew Soloff, Kermit Driscoll, Shawn Pelton and Brian Charette.
10 great tracks including 7 tracks written or co-written by Jerry

Buy the CD for just $12.

Listen to a sampler of the CD!

The Last Conan Show with the Basic Cable Band

The Conan O'Brien show is changing formats and is becoming a half-hour show in January that focuses more on web-friendly bits. As part of that change, the show will no longer have a band. On October 4th, the last episode of the current one-hour format show aired, Conan expressed his disappointment that the band won't be part of the new show and he paid tribute and highlighted the band. So in this video, we see the band including Jerry, for the last time as they play the Electric Flag's arrangement of Howlin' Wolf's "Killing Floor".

And if you miss the band, in 2019, they'll be a new Conan website that will include thousands of remastered episodes from all of his shows going back 25 years, which will obviously include the band.

Jerry and the "Saxaphone Pointer"

Jerry's music project: Back East

Back East Back East

Jerry's CD features 12 great tracks

This great CD featuring music for intelligent adults and music lovers features Brian Charette on Hammond organ,
Bob DeVos on guitar and Andy Sensei on drums and percussion.
The album was recorded at Tom Tedesco's studio in Paramus, New Jersey.

Buy the CD for just $12

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Check out the Reviews page for reviews of Jerry's CDs and live performances

The Jerry Vivino Quartet at Shanghai Jazz

Jerry conquered New Jersey once again as he returned to play at Shanghai Jazz in Madison on August 13, 2016.

Click for photos and video from the show.
Jerry Vivino

The Jerry Vivino Quartet at Shanghai Jazz

Jerry came back east on April 24, 2015 to play at Shanghai Jazz in Madison, New Jersey with Ken Levinsky, John Arbo and Karl Latham.

Check out a great video segment from the show:

And here are photos from the show.
Jerry Vivino

Jerry guests with daughter Donna Vivino

Jerry guested with his extraordinary daughter, Donna Vivino at Below 54, a great NYC club on January 16th, 2015. Click on the image to check out some great photos from that show.

Jerry Vivino

Walkin' with the Wazmo


The album features eleven great tracks:
Pent Up House
Walkin' with the Wazmo
Cats 'R' Us
Dorado Beach
Montelana Circle
The Fried Piper
Knock Me A Kiss
Red Moon
Dolphin Dance
I'm Mad About You

Personnel: Jerry Vivino, Brian Charrette, Kermit Driscoll, Mike Merritt, Shawn Pelton, James Wormworth,
Ray Marchica, Greg Skaff, Lew Soloff, Michael Morreale and Mike Fahn
with special guest appearances by Jimmy Vivino and Ken Levinsky.

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Jerry Vivino Quartet: Live at Shanghai Jazz:
Live At Shanghai Jazz

The joint is jumping. Recorded live at Shanghai Jazz in New Jersey, this amazingly cool CD features Jerry, Mike Merritt, James Wormworth (all from the Basic Cable Band on the Conan show) as well as amazing keyboard player Brian Charette and the great Lew Soloff. As they say, “Now this is music!”

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The Fab Faux plays 'The TV Performances'

Jerry played as part of the Hogshead Horns which is the rhythm section of The Fab Faux. The theme of this performance was the Beatles' TV appearances, beginning of course, with their appearances on the Ed Sullivan show in February of 1964.

Fab Faux

Fab Faux


Jerry took on producing duties for a new album by his very talented daughter, Donna, who has had a fine career in the theatre. Most recently, she played Elphaba on the first national tour of Wicked. She has also appeared on Broadway in Hairspray, Saturday Night Fever and the original Broadcast cast of Les Misérables as Young Cosette in 1987-88.

Click the above image for the full press release on this great new album, which will be officially released on December 10th.

In addition to Donna (vocals) and Jerry (reeds and production), the CD features Mitch Forman (piano & arrangements), Kevin Axt (bass) and Ray Brinker (drums). The album is also available on iTunes and Amazon. (posted 11/1/2013, updated 12/9/2013)

Broadway World article
Playbill article

At the NAMM show Vando Jam in January of 2013 with saxophonists Eric Marienthal and Reggie Padilla. (posted 8/31/2013)


From a recent Baked Potato gig with Doug Webb on sax and Mike Merritt on bass. (posted 8/31/2013)


Here's Jerry with Conan, who is wearing a Yankee hat over his Red Sox hat. That's keyboard player Scott Healy in the background. (posted 8/31/2013)


Gary Oldman joins Jerry, brother Jimmy and drummer Rich Pagano at a Fab Faux gig at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles. (posted 8/31/2013)


This is Brian Charette (Hammond B3), Jerry (horns), engineer Tommy Tedesco, Andy Sanesi (Drums) and Bob Devos (guitar) at Tedesco Studios in April of 2013
where they recorded tracks for Jerry's upcoming new CD, Back East. (posted 8/29/2013)


Here's Jerry with drummer James Worthworth and bassist Mike Merritt from a recent gig at the Baked Potato in Los Angeles. (posted 8/29/2013)


Here's the horn man playing recently at the Baked Potato. (posted 8/29/2013)


Here's an image of Jerry from a recent issue of Downbeat magazine. Click for a larger version. (posted 3/7/2013)


Here's an image of Jerry who was playing along with Jeff the Brotherhood. Photo by Meghan Sinclair. Click for more on the Team Coco site. (posted 3/7/2013)


Click this link to the Team Coco site for a funny bit with Jerry. (posted 3/7/2013)

YouTube link
Jennifer Grey

Jennifer Grey, who recently was a Dancing With The Stars winner, was the star of Dirty Dancing and later had her nose "fixed" and became unrecognizable. She then was a member of the ensemble cast of the short-lived TV comedy "It's Like, You Know..." where she played an actress named Jennifer Grey who got a nose job and became unrecognizable. Her father, Joel Grey, was in the original stage and movie versions of Cabaret and her grandfather was a comedian named Mickey Katz. In this clip from the old Conan show, Jennifer sings one of her grandfather's novelty songs, a Jewish reworking of the theme from Davy Crockett, called "Duvid Crockett", with Jerry featured on clarinet.

Dr. Joe

Here's one you don't see every day. This guy loves the Vivinos so much, he actually runs an ad for his own practice telling a story about them. Click on the icon to read the deal.

A new review of Jerry's performances in L.A. by photographer and music critic Tony Gieske:

Live Jazz: The Jerry Vivino Quartet Upstairs at Vitello's by Tony Gieske

Photos of the show can be found here: Jerry at Vitello's by Tony Gieske

What's the story with Sarah Palin and Jerry Vivino????

Sarah Palin

What's going on between Jerry and Sarah Palin? Is Sarah going to be the new vocalist for the Tonight Show Band? Is she going to join the Jerry Vivino Quartet? And why does Mike Merritt look so surprised? And why does James Wormworth look so happy?

Superbowl with Bruce

At the Superbowl Half-Time Show February 2009: Jerry taking bows w/Mark Pender, Richie "La Bamba" Rosenberg, Gary Talent, Bruce Springsteen, Little Steven, Max Weinberg and Patti Sialfa (missing: Clarence Clemons)
Photo: REUTERS/Steve Nesius